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Questions for Zoom meetings | FREE 36 question worksheet

how to generate leads on zoom

Hi all,

Lead generation is back in full swing, most leads are now Zoom equivalents. I’ve noticed a huge issue. There’s a temptation to turn them into demonstrations or pitches rather than sales or business development meetings.

I’ve drawn up a quick reminder on questioning. It’s free we don’t need your details or anything, I just thought it might help.

Click here to download the Free 36 Question Work Sheet

As a side point, I recently read a piece, I’ve forgotten where, I think in the Harvard Business Review, an article which gave the following exciting insight.

Most of us in business development believe that the main value to us in gathering information during our sales meetings/calls is so that we can understand a requirement / need, and then offer a value proposition based on at least need and at most desire. However, the article made the very clear point that the greater value is gained when we re-cap someone’s inner thoughts back to them. At this point a bond is created; trust, a belief that we understand them, we care for them, we’re on the same page.

If we use their exact words and phrases back to them, we become ‘like’ them. You’ll see one section on the download is about questions to uncover motivation. Here we are moving well away from facts, into spooky psycho-selling! Entrepreneurs want to beat their competitors, managers impress their boss or put a stake in the ground to further career etc. tap into these, re-cap them and you work together to make a dream come true.

Hope it helps.