Use your prospects motivation to help them buy from you.

By June 10, 2020June 11th, 2020Blog

Motivation distracts people, puts them on a different path, captures imagination. Whenever people buy a new service they must change. In effect from not having your service to having it. Change requires effort and a value proposition, on its own, will not cut the mustard. The proposition needs to be compelling enough to the prospect for them to go through the effort of change. So, it must help them personally.

The video describes a real-life story that brings a prospect’s motivation to life.

This PDF will give you some ideas on what to look and how to use it.

One final point.
If you are looking to grow there is demand out there.
Our lead generation and telemarketing teams are currently experiencing good results. Lead generation for professional services such as law, accountancy, employee benefits, actuarial services etc. is working very well indeed. This morning we started work for an IT services company and immediately uncovered demand from a care-based business who need a full office 365 migration and other support. In it to win it, is what I think people sometimes say!

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