Chartered Developments – where did we come from?

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Chartered Developments began life as an accountancy practice in Exmouth, Devon, but has evolved to become a nationally recognised lead generation specialist. Chartered Developments create leads for professionals into specialist markets both in the UK and globally including: FTSE, AIM, Fortune 500 and Large Corporates, Healthcare, Pensions, Financial Services, Charities and larger SMEs. We forge relationships with accountants and lawyers from around the world based on our expertise and market intelligence. To this end, we have developed an innovative approach and an ethos that helps us go above and beyond with our lead generation offering.

I spoke to Peter Rosenwald, the founder of Chartered Developments about how the company stands out from its competitors.

Peter Rosenwald

How Chartered Developments stands out

Firstly, I asked Peter about how Chartered Developments came into being.

‘We started as an accountancy practice – set up to create a new environment for small businesses to improve what they do. To sell this, we used the phone to create meetings. My background was in direct selling – so I had the knowledge and experience to communicate with small businesses effectively and engagingly. Our telemarketing methods were hugely successful, so we offered a series of training seminars to accountants after which we were inundated with requests for help. In 1997, we sold the original accountancy practice and Chartered Developments was created.’

The company was created with the realisation that there was an appetite amongst accountants for outsourcing their lead generation. Accountants are known for their facility with numbers, not necessarily for their ability to sell their services. The success of the company didn’t just come from this it also came from the way the company approaches telemarketing to build a relationship beyond selling. To facilitate this Chartered Developments recruited staff who, according to Peter, are:

‘self-starting, motivated professionals who have been successful in a multitude of businesses,’

Chartered DevelopmentsRecruiting the best people is critical to the success and effectiveness of Chartered Developments. The company has built a team of seasoned experts with backgrounds ranging from business owners, lawyers and accountants. These are individuals who have the experience and the knowledge to be able to hold a conversation with prospects on their level, in Peter’s words ‘professionals talking to professionals.’

What qualities make an effective caller?

The professional backgrounds of our callers are the key to their success, but how does this translate to a productive conversation with a prospect that adds value to the client? Peter summarises the qualities that are required for a successful calling team: ‘preparation, creativity and gravitas – these are absolutely crucial for high quality lead generation.’

Chartered Developments


Researching and understanding the client and the prospect is the crucial first step towards a productive conversation. As Peter says,

‘if you phone the Managing Director a Singapore based fund manager or bank you have to know about the company, Singapore and the local market. Your research might take half an hour or an hour before the phone call but that’s where the value is forged.’

Good preparation leads to a more personal, and therefore a more productive, conversation which makes a successful outcome more likely.


For a successful call, ‘your message has to be new and timely’ Peter suggests. ‘It’s got to be of benefit to listen to – you have to add value – both within the phone call and in the subsequent meeting.’

To add this value, the caller must take an agile and creative approach to the conversation – responding to what the recipient is saying and adapting accordingly. Our callers do not rely on a script, but instead creatively shepherd a conversation towards a conclusion that benefits both the prospect and the client.


A personal quality that inspires trust and respect in others that comes from experience and strong professional backgrounds. The core ingredients of gravitas include poise, decisiveness, integrity, emotional intelligence and charisma, a combination of these is the key to inspiring trust and confidence in the person you are speaking to. In short, gaining the full confidence of the prospect can only happen when the caller has the experience and therefore the gravitas to be able to communicate with business owners on their level.

Over twenty one years, Chartered Developments has grown into one of the most effective lead generation specialists in the country. Through a series of innovations and a focus on opportunities to add value in the sector, we have become a central component of the lead generation strategy for many companies. This has come about because of our commitment to recruiting the best people that has led to us offering intelligent, creative and informed telemarketing.

That commitment, in the words of Peter Rosenwald, is encoded into the DNA of the company.

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