Chartered Voices – What? Why? and How?

By October 22, 2019December 20th, 2019Blog

In July, we published an article about how podcasting can add an extra dimension to your content marketing. Social media is no longer just about text and images – LinkedIn and Twitter are now full of sound. Podcasts provide the same rich content as a blogpost, but with a personal connection (voices) and the added bonus of allowing the recipient to digest the information when they’re on the move. Personal, accessible and easy to distribute, professionally produced podcasts can be a great way to relay the experience and individualism of your staff members. With this in mind, recording a Chartered Developments podcast was the obvious next step to enriching our blog page – and so Chartered Voices was born.

Chartered Voices is the brain-child of Pete Rosenwald, the founder of Chartered Developments, and produced in association with Toco Creative. The idea was to record a number of episodes with the theme of lead generation at their core. Drawing on Pete’s long experience as a business development professional and salesperson, these would be a mixture of techniques, tips and, importantly, anecdotes from Pete’s career. It was decided that the best format for them would be a series of interviews with Pete that lasted for between fifteen and twenty minutes each. This was the perfect solution – I have the curiosity, Pete has the knowledge.

The plan was to record six in two blocks of three. The first step was to come up with the subjects. Pete and I met to discuss options. The key was to find a subject not too big for an individual episode, but not so small that it required padding. Through this meeting we developed a plan for the first batch of episodes and outlined the structure for each.

Once the episodes had been planned, they could be recorded. We found a suitable room, small and free from echoes, and we set up for the recording. This was where the technology came in. Fortunately it’s not that complex: our podcast is recorded with a Yeti microphone plugged directly into a laptop. A piece of software called Audacity captures the recording and allows us to check the sound levels as we spoke.

Once recorded, I took the sound file and sent it to the Chartered Voices production team. Simon Brett is an artist, musician and writer and Lee Rawlings, an actor and musician, both of whom have had extensive experience with sound editing and podcast production. Between them they cleaned up the sound, removed any stutters and glitches, edited the conversation to make it flow smoothly. Simon then composed an introduction theme whilst Lee recorded an ‘outro’ voiceover. The result of their work was a clear and professional podcast that brought Pete’s insights and experiences to the foreground.

Finally, the produced podcast needed a place to live. We opted for Libsyn, a podcast hosting platform that has the flexibility and capacity suited to the planned schedule of Chartered Voices episodes. Once online, it is simple to get a shortcode that can be embedded into a blogpost that has been specially written by myself to complement the podcast – to expand on the subjects we touched on in the episode and to give more of a detailed framework to the topic.

The result is the perfect synergy between the personal and the technical; the formal balanced with the informal. It takes the experiences of a pivotal member of staff and provides a platform for them to be heard. In conjunction with the blogpost, the podcast allows for a holistic examination of the subject complete with anecdotes, personal reflection and the usual hints and tips.

Over the next few months, we plan to roll out more episodes of Chartered Voices on subjects as diverse as nurturing prospects, coaching and mentoring, and how to manage objections, each with Pete’s personal reflections on how they have developed over time and how they can be used to help build your business. Of course, we’d welcome any feedback – our podcasts and blogs are intended to be both interesting and informative, so any thoughts, views or suggested topics will be gratefully received. With each episode we will provide a blogpost that will contextualise and expand on what Pete talks about – the intention being to give a rounded exploration of each theme and issue. So, in short:

Stay tuned.