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FREEPORTS: What could you be doing?

By April 26, 2021Blog

Eight new Freeports! Billions will be invested within these tax efficient, international trade hubs. The devolved governments disagree with the conclusion that Freeports will create employment. This is not important for your business development. The simple fact that £Billions, in the supply chain, will move behind a Freeport, is the key to the decision for advisors supporting these businesses.

If you represent a commercial law firm, accountant, property agent, facilities manager, funder, or one of the plethora of businesses in the supply chain around manufacturing and distribution, the Freeport agenda is one that could ignite your business development in 2021/22.

Why do it now? Why not wait?
Two reasons spring to mind. Owning the agenda and nurture

Leadership/persuasion is easier for experts, those in or with authority. Creating the agenda, having your say, being part of the solution, will help your prospects believe that you are the ‘go to firm’ for the service or product they are after.

Trust is built in steps or via a process.  Trust in your ability, followed by your integrity and finally empathy or benevolence. It takes time to build trust. Your prospects will need nurturing. Do not expect to just ‘hop’ into the mix when people are taking the Freeport plunge. Those who got there first are more likely to win when it comes to the proposal stage.

From a business development perspective here are a few ideas in no particular order:

  1. Set out your stall:
    1. Select a Freeport or Supply Chain ‘practice/firm champion’.
    2. Show the specialism on your website.
    3. Be seen in the media with those steering the Freeport.
    4. Comment on the Freeport.
  2. Corral ALL your clients that could loosely be classed as supply chain/manufacturing/logistics:
    1. Survey them on their thoughts.
    2. Publish the survey.
  3. Buy a database of all local businesses who might be interested:
    1. Manufacturing
    2. Supply Chain.
    3. Logistics
  4. Phone them all to hear their thoughts, invite them to meet you online to discuss. If you have done the survey, they will react to it:
    1. Is the Freeport something they’re interested in? If yes, you’re off to the races. If they aren’t you’ve made a good contact.
    2. Ask them to connect on LinkedIn.
  5. Keep the LinkedIn, email and telephone contact going. Judiciously use the wonderful “I saw this and thought of you email…”.

In effect, set out your stall as part of the solution and then build trust.

Agile marketing allows you to take advantage of opportunities such as this. At Chartered Developments we are agile, proactive and enthusiastic about these kinds of opportunity. Freeports give our legal, accountancy, property, banking and supply chain clients a real chance to brand themselves and win more clients. We would like to help you.